Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013

Well, the time has almost come. We are so close to saying goodbye to 2013 for good. It has been a fun year with its fair share of ups and downs as with any year. So to finish out the year and bid it a fond farewell here is a list of my top 13 reads of 2013. It counts down to the very best book I read this year. Buy the books through Liberty Bay Books by clicking the titles and add them on Goodreads by selecting the hyper-linked words in the cover captions.

13 Envy by Greg Olson
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 It was masterfully plotted and kept the reader hooked and guessing throughout the entire story. Greg had a very detached, tell it like it is, writing style but it seemed to work well for the story and it still allowed for a vibrant and deep projection of emotions. The characters were not very deep or well developed but the story wrapped you up and pulled you in and you couldn't help but love every second of it. It was a good read and one of my favorites by years end but was far from the best thing I read. 

12 Touched by Corrine Jackson

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Touched has an original story line and well executed plot and was extremely vivid. The characters and writing were sturdy. It was a simply enchanting read that was well worth my time. I am so excited to read the rest of the series to find out what happens next. 

11 The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab

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I struggled with where to place this one because I felt it was much better than 12 and 13 but I simply couldn't place it with the other books higher up on the list because on a technical level it was simple no match for the others. However, this tale was lovely and I highly recommend it for a wide variety of ages and personalities. It had a sturdy plot and strong enough writing with vivid characters. Victoria spins a vibrant whimsical and entrancing story that comes to life on the pages before you and grabs hold of you, not letting go until the very last word. 

10 The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

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The first book in this series was my top book of 2012 and so I had high hopes for this book. Rae does a fabulous job with everything. She has beautiful technique. The story is wonderfully crafted and a brilliant fallow up to Girl of Fire and Thorns. However, The Crown of Embers fell short in comparison to the first book. It was entertaining and brilliant nonetheless. 

9 Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

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I am a huge fan of Wendy and her sweet trilogy. So naturally the second in the series made it onto my list of top books. She has reliable and good writing and plot structure. Additionally, she has nearly mastered the art of character development and growth. Her characters are deep, vivid, and above all human. They are some of the most realistic, human, well rounded/balanced characters I have read and they infuse life into the story giving it a vibrancy it wouldn't otherwise have . It has an intriguing and unique story line that will keep readers' minds churning as they read and even after its over or has been set aside. 

8  Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

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This is yet another instance of the first book being breathtakingly awesomesauce and then the fallow up just not packing the same punch. It was fabulous but it just wasn't quite as good. It had a slippery plot (in a good way) that was complex but well executed and the writing had brilliant descriptions and conveyed surging and complicated emotions. The characters were complex as well and had dimension and depth. It was good but it had its fair share of flaws as with any book.

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

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Wow! I'm starting to sound like a bit like a broken record here! Yet again this book was one of those that was striking but just shy of the level of the first one. Both were amazing nonetheless. Girl of nightmares is thrilling and chilling but will tug at your heartstrings on an entirely different emotional plane. The story is gripping and backed with strong research and the plot is masterfully executed with twists, turns, and plenty of suspense. The characters are a mix of personalities that are simply charming. 

6  Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

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And of course at number 6 is the brilliant Under The Never Sky. Not exactly surprising since book two made it on. It was even better than the second book and Veronica did a wonderful job. I loved it for many of the same reasons I loved Through The Ever Night and I highly recommend it. (See my full review of Under The Never Sky here.)

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

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At number 5 we have Anna Dressed In Blood. It was to die for. (Sorry I simply couldn't resist!) Kendare handles every aspect of the story with vibrancy and fluidity. It has just the right amount of thrill and it grabs you from the very start. It is one of those books you can't seem to put down and finish in one sitting. The characters are charming and you can't help but feel apart of their lives and apart of the story. It is a must read. 

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

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It's probably not that surprising that Allegiant made the list and is not just on the list but in my top 5. I loved it and Veronica did an amazing job as usual. The ending was killer and nothing was as it seemed. However, I had some issues with loose ends and random additions throughout and for some reason I can't quite determine it was my least favorite of the trilogy. I still loved it though! I mean how could I not? And every needs to read the trilogy. Read my full reviews of Divergent and AllegiantOh, and Divergent is so close to coming out in theaters! (I have mixed feelings on this the previews haven't left me with high hopes but I'm crossing my fingers that it will be as awesomesauce as the book!)

3 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevive Tucholke

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I am still fangirling and spilling feels all over about this book. I would probably marry it if that was a thing. The writing style was so weird but it worked so well! I have honestly never read anything like April's writing, but she had amazing descriptions and the weird and old style fit the book amazingly. I am still in awe of April's work. The plot was amazing and had twists that I did not see coming. It kept you guessing and kept you wanting more even after it was all over. There is nothing else like this book out there. I can not emphasize enough how absolutely imperative it is that you read this book. For more fangirling and a slightly deeper review click here

Oblivion by Sasha Dawn

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If you haven't read my full review of Oblivion you can by clicking here. I just gushed, simply gushed, Sasha did a marvelous job and made Oblivion into one intense, feels packed ride. You could tell from the details that she had really done her research. The characters were stunningly human and the plot was killer.  I can not recommend this enough so remember it when it comes out in may! 

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

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Well congrats! You've made it to the best book that I read in 2013! Surprisingly, it is a vampire book. (I am nearly stunned speechless myself.) But it is so far from any vampire book I've ever come upon. This is a whole new world and Holly has done a masterful job of creating it and bringing it to life before her readers very eyes. The plot is stellar and the characters slippery,confused, and complicated, yet endearing none the less. Of course I highly recommend it. Read my full review here

So that is my list of the best things I've read this year. It was a tough job trying to decide where to place books and to cut it down to 13. The top four I struggled and flip flopped on for way longer than you can imagine and honestly the top 3 or 4 were pretty much tied, but I had to make some decisions. I hope you've enjoyed this. And keep a look out for a new years post of the 14 books I can't wait to lead as I plunge into 2014!

Comment below! What were some of your favorite reads this year? What bookish and exciting things do you look back on fondly from this past year? 


  1. Yay for Allegiant! I get really happy every time someone else loves it. ^.^ I really want to read Anna Dressed in Blood. It's high up on my I-want-to-buy-but-pity-I-am-broke list. I'm working on that. Hehe... My favourites this year, aw, gosh, way too many to pick. I think I'll go with These Broken Stars, definitely Allegiant, and Not a Drop to Drink.

    1. Haha it is the fan bond. ;) Sadly, I totally know what you mean about the I-want-to-buy-but-pity-I-am-broke list. I have been wanting to read These Broken Stars and Not a Drop to Drink but haven't gotten around to them so those are at the top my 2014 TBR list for sure! It's good to know that you liked them!