Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Swoons

Skylar Finn's creation

We love having you guys involved! If you don't know what this feature is about here is the deal, Sunday Swoons is an original feature hosted by myself  and the spectacular Skylar Finn from Life of A Random. Every Sunday we bust out a different swoon worthy topic and discuss it, swoon about it, and chat it up!

1. You're welcome to use the button Skylar designed as long as you cite her as the source/give her all the loving credit she deserves!

2. You can post in whatever style you would like: list, discussion, etc. as long as what you are talking about goes with the topic for the week.

3. You either must follow the topic given OR you can do a post on the opposite of the topic we give. (Example: Our topic-- Top 5 Favorite Couples, Your topic-- Top 5 Least Favorite Couples.)

4. Your posts don't have to have anything to do with books you are reading right now. If you reference specific books, they can be past or older reads. (It's nice if you put in the Goodreads link to the book, or another site that will take readers to the book's synopsis, cover, and other information.)

5. Please remember to link back to us in your post, giving us credit for the feature! Also, you can add your link to the link-up tool at either of our posts ( it may only work on mine the first time because we are still working that part out.).

This Week's Topic Is: Dancing in Love

For The Friend-zoned (but sexy) 

Now I'm not very far into it (read that as Briana is only a few pages in and doesn't know what she's talking about), but I understand what the friend-zone looks like. So Althea and Oliver's song is: Crave You by Flight Facilities 

For the Sob Worthy Romances (I'd say more but spoilers)

This one is a heart breaker of a book so I picked a heart breaker of a song. Well, if you aren't looking at it in a certain way it's not a huge heart breaker but still. The Civil Wars's song, Sacred Heart.

For Lovers of Bad Boys

It's not a perfect fit word for word, but Devil's Backbone by the Civil wars certainly works for Anna and Kai from the Sweet Trilogy. And all those other good girl falls for bad boy romances out there. 
For All the Guys That Love Mean Girls
I loved Celaena, I really did. But even her biggest fan's have to admit she could be cruel and that she was pretty vain and arrogant. So She's so Mean by Matchbox Twenty works for her and her triangle, as well as the other rare occasions where the girl was not sugar, spice and everything nice. 
Another One for all Those Good Girls and Bad Boys
Pushing the Limits is a classic, good girl falls for bad boy who maybe isn't so bad, I enjoyed it all the same. There are a lot of books like this, so again this book is just one example that fits Lana Del Ray's Diet Mountain Dew.

Add your own song and literary romance combinations! Link up and share your thoughts in the comments below! Oh, and don't forget to check out Skylar's post!

P.S. If you saw the tweet where I mentioned lady jams, this is what I was referencing...

Can you guess the movie?

Briana is sorry that she complains about all her homework on twitter all the time, but it is a lot and she doesn't like that there is so much. She's trying not to complain so much. She is also sorry that all her little blog minions have been so neglected lately and blames it furiously on those teachers that are giving her all that nasty homework. When she isn't doing homework or blogging her fingers off, she has been playing tennis with her mother and watching her latest Netflix obsession, Arrow. 


  1. PITCH PERFECTTTTTTTTTTT. I love that movie.

    I love your lead-ups/descriptions of the general couple types and the songs that describe them...which by the way, very nice job. *thumbs up*

    I have yet to read any of those books, except for Throne of Glass, though. And I agree, Celaena was kick-butt but mean. Why you gotta be so ruuuuude. (Song reference. I'm tired okayz >.>) Maaaybe I should get on reading the rest of them ;)

    1. I know right! *high fives* I have seriously watched it like 20 times. It's one of my all time favorites!

      Why thank you! *bows*

      Yeah, sorry! I didn't pick very well known/read ones, but they were the best fitting examples I could think of at the time! Oh. My. Gosh. That was so perfect. I love you. I think you should. With the exception of Althea & Oliver, I've finished and loved all of them dearly. Pushing the Limits and the Sweet trilogy are only super good if you just kind of let them happen and love them for entertainment purposes though. They're are more just for funzies types. If you catch my drift. Salt & Storm will turn your very soul into a ship wreck *sobs* not as much as some books but still. Plus it's just a blast and super cool!