Friday, September 12, 2014

Figments Friday: Throwback Addition

This is my picture so please give me credit, also I would like to give credit to the Brooklyn street artist who created this. 
You probably have read this in a different post, or an interview or something (I've mentioned it a few times) but I have never finished a piece of writing. I counted and discovered that I have started roughly 18 different stories and never finished them. So I'm going to do a little something fun today and give you a clip of my embarrassing early writing and then a bit of my newer stuff so we can laugh at my lack of skill from years ago and then smother a chuckle at my slightly improved but still novice writing from this week. 

Figments Friday is an original feature for writers, wherein they share something about their writing, a character interview, an excerpt, a conversation between a character from one WIP and a character from another WIP, ect.  Feel free to join in!

1. If you use my image please give me credit!

2. You DON'T have to do the same style post as me and can post in what every style you want about whatever you want as long as it has to do with sharing your writing. (Not advice)

3. Please remember to link back to me in your post, giving me credit for the feature and make sure to link up by using the button at the bottom of this post!

Note: I reserve all rights to all of my original work. If you quote or reference any of it I ask that you give me credit. Any snippets and excerpts are works in progress and may have typos or need more editing, for the most part they are first drafts.

First up a clip from what might have been the first story I ever tried writing. It was a lovely gem called "The Queen's Circle." It was based in Ireland with a crazed plot that went ever where at once. I haven't corrected any grammar or changed anything from what it was like before. (I will forgive you if you laugh. I laugh at myself so that makes it ok.)

As you can see, subtly was not my forte, The Island Killer is the first time I've attempted it since and I feel like it is going a lot better this time but I may be blind to my own flaws. Foreshadowing didn't work for me. (I'll give you three guesses what the attempt at foreshadowing was trying to "hint" (*cough* screaming *cough*) about.)

Here is a second, more recent and hopefully more subtle attempt at foreshadowing. Hopefully it worked out better. Weather it did or not you are only permitted to quietly chuckle at that one because it is recent and it may wound my pride. I do not however have so much pride that I would not permit you to laugh even a little bit. So chuckle away my friends. (P.S. That last one was from The Island Killer)

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