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Sunday Swoons

Sunday Swoons is a weekly meme (you don't have to post on Sunday. If you can't or don't get it up on the day it doesn't matter, what matters is that you post it and have fun!) Feel free to use my logo, theme, ect, as long as you link back and mention me! You can link up by using the linky button at the bottom of the post. You don't have to discuss the same thing as me, you can pick your own topic or use mine.

Today's theme/topic is: Cross Book Ships! 

As far as I know this is a Briana original topic, but then again I don't get out a lot so what do I know. You may remember me attempting to make a list of cross book ships in my Valentines/Dooms Day post. If you don't that's ok, or maybe you're new around here and never experienced that post, that's ok too. I'll explain again for you guys. We all have our ships and OTPs from almost every book we've ever read, and it's usually the two characters that are in love or the loosing side of the love triangle or something, but we never really think about what would happen if all of our favorite book characters met up. Would Four from Divergent fall in love with Katniss from The Hunger Games upon first sight, leaving Peeta sadly single? (Note how I didn't mention Tris...*sobs*) So that's what I'm going to talk about. I'm going to talk about what ships I'd have if all of my favorite (even not so favorite) book characters were thrown together to get another run at finding true love. 



I can't explain why I ship this so hard, but it just came to me the other night and inspired this entire post. Morpheus from A.G. Howard's Splintered Series and Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. I know, y'all think I'm crazy know, but think about it....They are both mysterious, and magical, I don't know how else to describe or explain it, just imagine it...

Issoria/ Victsac 

(I couldn't find any pictures of Victoria) I'm actually a bit conflicted about this one. Mostly because I ship Jaria/Vicay for life. When I think about it though, I think it'd be cute (besides this is ok because Jay moved on). Wendy Higgins's Victoria from the Sweet Trilogy is sweet but is definitely a firecracker a lot of the time. I think that mix would be great to get Issac from John Green's The Fault in Our Stars back on his feet. Victoria would be sweet and gentle about his still healing emotional wounds from the loss of his eyes and his recent heartbreak, but she'd encourage him to be happy, and wild, and show him how to have a great time! They could help each other heal and it would just be really stinkin' adorable!

Simth/ Catmon


I don't know if this one would actually work out in real life because, they are pretty similar and shy, neither one would want to make the first move or say the first "I love you," but they could geek out together! Wouldn't that just be so irresistibly adorkable though?



Gale from Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games Trilogy is deserving of love in a lot of peoples opinions and I think Aria from Under The Never Sky by Veronica Roth would be just the girl to make that happen. They both under stand how to survive and know what real hardship and distopia is like, but they still have opened their hearts (at some point in time) to love despite the cruelty they see around them all the time. I think they'd make a good team, although we don't know a whole lot about Gale's personality so I can't really elaborate on how well or not well their personalities would jive. 

(Wendy Higgins's idea of ginger and Marna.
Ginger on the left Marna on the right.)
(I would like to credit this artist
 but I couldn't find who it was)


Finally we have Karou from the Daughter of Some & Bone series by Laini Taylor and Ginger from Wendy Higgins's Sweet Trilogy. I can just picture Karou spending hours trying to capture Ginger's wild and complex spirit as she sketches and paints her. Ginger is a complex wild child and Karou certainly isn't docile herself, but she is a bit more nice than naughty. I think her nice and laid back side would help keep Ginger grounded and bring out her deeper nice side, and I think the two of them would have a ball together. They were meant to be. 
(Yeah, yeah, Catherine gets some credit for this one. She helped me think it up and we both ship it ridiculously hard core.)

What cross book ships would you ship? What are some of your OTPs?  

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