Friday, July 18, 2014

Figments Friday

(The picture above is mine. Please don't use it without linking back to me or giving me credit as a source. I also would like to recognize the amazing Brooklyn street artist that painted this.)

Welcome to round two of a brand new weekly writing feature called Figments Friday. If you didn't read the original post or just need a refresher, here's what its all about, every Friday I am going to share a figment of my imagination with you guys. It may be a synopsis draft, an excerpt a character interview or description, a teaser quote, ect.. You are welcome to join in as long as you link up with me. You can use my picture as well or create your own.

P.S. I'm sorry about the crazy formatting issues last time. I've never really tried embedding documents before and to do what I wanted I couldn't use a regular google doc, and well things got complicated, but I think I've officially figured it out.
NOTE: I reserve all rights to all of my original work. If you quote or reference any of it I ask that you give me credit. All of these snippets are works in progress and may have typos or need more editing, for the most part they are first drafts. 

This week's is a bit different from the last one, but I'm really excited about this, I think it will be a fun one. Short and simple though. Four of my more major characters are going to discuss their current favorite song.

Oh wow, um my favorite song? I don't know I don't really have favorite songs. I have favorite artists. I like The Black Keys and City and Colour. I love the soulful passion that comes through from the artists and the lyrics. 
Miss Malu
I love old music and music that makes people happy! Louis Armstrong is one of my favorite artists. I love that brassy, rough, and distressed, quality his voice has. I love "What a Wonderful World," but "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is a close runner up.
Oh, man, um I don't know. I like Eric Hutchinson's music and I really like Death Cab For Cutie. I guess I like softer indie music the most. Something that's a little bit, I don't know, spunky? Lyrics are important to me, but how it sounds over all means more to me. I love a song with great bass, but the two I wan't to share don't really fit that. 
One of my favorite songs right now is "Am I Wrong" by Nico and Vinz. I guess I relate to it a lot or something, but I just let people think I like it because it's catchy and what's popular right now. Everyone thinks that I'm like that. One of those popular kids that's perfect, and shallow and just follows what's "in," just because I like a lot of stuff that is popular, I play football, and I hang out with some people that are like that. I hate that people just take me at face value and I really hate that I'll never get a chance with the one girl I really want because of it. 

P.S. I'm signing off for a while, but Catherine @ Stray Imaginations  may pop over to keep you guys company sometimes. Also, all of the weekly meme's I participate in will proceed as usual thanks to all this newfangled technology. Have a great rest of the month! 


  1. What a Wonderful World! I love that song somehow. It makes me cry, and makes me realize how much our planet matters, and how much it is so beautiful if we look beyond ourselves. Thanks for reminding me of that <3

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. Me too! I love songs like that, that touch you deeply and remind you of something important. Lyrics are a big part of that, but I think it's the vocalist that really makes or brakes it depending on how well they bring the words to life. I'm glad, thank you! :)