Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stacking The Shelves

I stalked up again, so I am linking up with Tynga @ Tynga's Reviews!

First up we have Between The Spark and The Burn by April Genevieve Toucholke! I am SO excited about this one! I LOVED Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea (see my review here)! I thought it was kind of funny that I'd find the "conclusion" to it in the same place and about the same time as I found the first one. If you don't know the story here is the deal, almost a year ago (August 8th) I "partnered up" with my local book store Liberty Bay Books and was given access to their boxes of ARC and Galleys. On my first time digging through I found a copy of BTDaTDBS (sorry it was just way to long to keep doing this) and I kind of freaked out because I had been waiting to read it for over a year. Now as I approach my "partnerversary" with Liberty Bay Books I decided to dig through the boxes again and I just happen to find the conclusion to BTDaTDBS, which I didn't even know existed until that moment. It comes out next month and I am so flippin' excited to crack it open and devour it whole, and of course share with you guys what I thought of it all! 
Next in my stack is a new release by Emily Lloyd-Jones titled Illusive! I'm not sure what I'll think of this one, but it sounds interesting. It is supposedly, " The X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven" and who could resist something with a premise like that? I'm excited mostly because it is something new. I don't read a whole lot of super hero/criminal stories and I hope this one will be everything I want it to be. 
Cait- When I picked this up and read the back I totally thought, "This sounds like something Cait would read/like..." and just know I went to get the Gooodreads link for it and saw that you have it on your TBR. I don't know how to feel about this...also, the thought mentioned above may have been a deciding factor in picking this up...
Inland by Kat Rosenfield caught my attention because it was described as, "The psychological labyrinth of a young woman’s insidious connection to the sea..." I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I LOVE psychology and am looking into majoring or minoring in it come college and eventually incorporating it in to what ever career I choose. So naturally this one caught my attention. I'm really interested in the concept, but I'm not sure how it's going to go down.
Where The Rock Splits The Sky by Philip Webb came out in March, but it sounded...interesting and different. To be honest I had NO idea what it was about when I picked it out. There was no synopsis on the ARC copy, only an excerpt about gold in eyes, but I chose to pick it up nonetheless, so I'm curious to see what it is really all about. (Yes I read the Goodreads synopsis, but still...sometimes the synopsis doesn't prepare you for what you read...)
Last but not least, we have Period 8 by Chris Crutcher. This book promised me raw emotion, issues with ethics, thrill, and controversy, all of my favorite things. The synopsis however makes it seem like it has a lot of potential take a head dive in the other direction.  I'm feeling conflicted about reading it...and yeah the cover might have played a small part in the decision (of whether or not to pick it)...I mean look at it! Can you blame me?

(Yes that is a girl in the water. What were you looking at?)

What did you guys get this week?

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  1. Well, OF COURSE, I voted for Illusive. (Also: you totally made me giggle just talking to me like straight in your post. OMG I FEEL LIKE VERY, VERY SPECIAL.) And I tooootally want to read your review of Illusive because I've actually only read low-star rating reviews for it and that scares me because X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven (coincidentally two of my most favourite movies) are like HUGE shoes to fill. I still am mostly definitely wanting to try it.

    I still haven't read Between The Devil and...etc. I WANT TO THOUGH. I kind of love that title, but gosh, it's a heck of a job to type it all out. xD

    1. Of course! ;) You should feel special! You are very special! Oh yeah I know! Well we shall see! Crossing my fingers! Thats part of why I dont like it when books are advertized as being like other movies or books.

      You should read it's good! Ugh I know but I love the title. Oh my goodness I know.

      Oh my gosh I got Unhinged!