Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teaser Tuedsday

Well, well, well it is yet another terrific Teaser Tuesday! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as much other than features and that I might not post much this week, but as usual life as a freshmen is crazy and getting crazier every day! I will try my best though and I do have a few posts planned I just need to write them and post them! But, for now, here is a teaser from The Scarboys by Len Vlahos!

The Scar Boys

"I was able to make it to the shoulder where Dino let out his last gasp and died on the spot. We were still one hundred miles from Athens--all our equipment, all our luggage, all our hopes and dreams entombed in rusted metal."
Add it on Goodreads and buy a copy through Liberty Bay Books by clicking the hyperlinked title beneath the cover!


  1. SUCH A GREAT PASSAGE FROM THAT BOOK. Have you finished it yet!?

    1. Not even close! :( I haven't been reading as much lately and i got distracted by pushed...