Sunday, February 23, 2014

Belated Stacking The Shelves

I am really excited for this post and I am sorry that it is coming late. I tried to get it out yesterday, but I didn't have any free time between errands and dance prep and, of course, actually attending tolo or Sadie Hawkins or the winter ball or what ever your part of the world calls it. Ah, the life of a high schooler. I had fun and I had an amazing haul this week so I am quite content! :) Speaking of my it is in all its bookish glory!

I'm sorry it isn't a very good picture but you can tell what books they are so it works. I got all the books above from the glorious box of ARCs at Liberty Bay Books, so a big shout out thank you to them for this fabulous set up we have. I have been wanting to read the three on the bottom row for forever so I am super-duper excited to read those. I have heard great things about The Dream Thieves and These Broken Stars. I really enjoyed the first two books in the Goddess Test series and am thrilled to finally get to read The Goddess Inheritance! The top row are the wild cards. Suzanne asked me to read The Finisher and I am excited because it is more of a middle grade book and I haven't read anything like that in a very long time, plus it looks super interesting and kind of gave me vibes that reminded me of The Tapestry books that I enjoyed tremendously when I was in elementary school. White Space sounded thrilling and Twinmaker will be a total surprise, I don't know what to expect with that one. The sheer size of the top row is a bit frightening, but I am determined to not let that stop me and give them all a whirl. (The top row are all 500 pages or more in length.)

Also, I bought myself a copy of Pushed by Corrine Jackson this week!

I finished it and there should be a review up fairly soon, although with how busy I have been soon has become a bit of a relative term...
Well, that's my haul! Tell me about yours in the comments below or on my Facebook page, or if you wrote a stacking the selves post, comment with a link to your post so that I can check it out as well as the rest of my readers!

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  1. Replies
    1. I KNOW RIGHT! It pretty much made my whole week. x)

    2. I came to the sudden realization that after I finish Liar (well, if I decide to finish Liar) I'll have to restock my reading pile by either going to the library or finally ordering all the books sitting in my Amazon cart (which includes These Broken Stars, Cinder, and Code Name Verity. I have to spend my Christmas money somehow, right?) Unless Don't Touch comes soon, which I'm assuming it will. But I definitely understand now why you didn't finish Liar. So. Freaking. Bored. Also, did you notice that sometimes she talks very educated-like, but at other times she totally doesn't and ALL THE DOUBLE NEGATIVES? Consistency, people!

    3. I am sorry you don't like it, but I am kind of glad that I am not alone in my opinion of it. I honestly don't remember how she talks because I gave up on it so long ago! Restocking is always like the best thing ever! How else do people spend Christmas money if not on books?!

    4. I'm actually about half-way through now and it's not as bad. I'm remaining optimistic.

  2. I voted for These Broken Stars because TARVER AND LILAC ADN THAT IS ALL. It's beyond brilliant. I'm so jealous of The Dream Thieves though...aaaagh!! I wish I had a copy of that. XD I need like a birthday or Christmas to come up asap. I actually haven't heard anything good about White Space, so I'll be interested to read your review!

    1. I have heard they are brilliant! I am so excited to read that and The Dream Thieves and just all the books in the world. I acctually almost bought a copy but then I realized I don't have spare book money just sitting around right now. So when I saw it in the box of joy and magic and ARCs I barely contained myself. It's tricky because it is under a table in the bookstore, so I am just like sitting on the floor in the middle of all the customers looking at books, and trying to seem normal, and not start screaming and dancing with joy.

    2. I forgot I was going to comment about White Space too! I haven't heard too much about it but Catherine was telling me that she had heard mixed things, people either loved it or hated it and couldn't finish. The size is really daunting but I am excited to give it a go!