Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Swoons

by Skylar Finn
If you don't know what Sunday Swoons is, it's a weekly feature where Skylar @ Life of a Random and I (and anyone who links up) chat about all things swoon worthy every spectacular Sunday!

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This week's topic is: Romantic Writings! (AKA let's chat about all the relationships we've written!)

I am going to talk about/ list all the different types of relationships I have written and which one I am the happiest with. Brace yourselves. As you all know by now, I have written A LOT but never finished or stuck with anything for any long period of time. As mentioned in this throwback Figments Friday post, I have started to write roughly 18 pieces (now about 19-20 at the least) I won't talk for ever and a day about all of them, and some might not even be mentioned so don't worry that this post will go on for all eternity.

Un-named and Inspired by Sinister Kid by the Black Keys: 
The situation: Popular and typical teen girl falls for a "bad" guy who is really not so bad and sticks with and truly falls for him when the whole town decides he murdered someone.

My thoughts (now): What was I thinking? Can you say cookie cutter? Stereotypes!?! No. Although I did write a really great party scene to set it all up....

Daemon Blood: 
The situation: Daemon hunter/nephilim boy is supposed to kill a girl that is part daemon but then decides not to because she doesn't seem to know about daemons and they fall in love. Immediately.

My thoughts (now): Again, what the heck did you think you were doing Briana? INSTA-LOVE REALLY?! Not just any insta-love, one with a cheesy over done background and one that couldn't have happened more instantaneously if you'd tried?!

Island Killer: 
The situation: A boy moves to a small island and a local girl is forced to show him around. She doesn't really like him. It's nothing personal, she just doesn't really do the whole people and social interaction thing. But hey feelings change sometimes?

My thoughts (now): I tried not to give away the entire plot because I am actually really happy with this one right now and plan on continuing it. I love the book and their relationship right now. I want it to be reasonably paced, realistic and awkward, but I am worried that I am getting so excited about it that I am making it happen a bit too fast. Hopefully I will finish and then I can just go back and fix the pacing of their relationship. Wish me luck.

Working Title of Dreams of Death:
The situation: A girl has lots of nightmares. Her family takes in this boy who just got orphaned because her parents were good friends of his. He finds out about her nightmares because he hears her crying out from down the hall, comforts wakes her up (even thought she'd like to push him off a cliff and he feels similarly. So he really does it mostly just to get her to shut up.) and eventually they happen to always have to be there for each other and love blooms.

My thoughts (now): I don't have much to say because I only wrote like one page. (Surprise, surprise!) However, I feel like although the full plot was really weird, and that their relationship was slightly cliche, it would have been better than the first one mentioned, Daemon Blood, and 98% of all the other things I have written.

WIP 2 (current):
The situation: A girl is in a very dark place after loosing her best friend to suicide and begins to find her way back to normal with the help of a boy. (NOTE: he doesn't save her! He opens her eyes and supports her as she saves herself!)

My thoughts (now): I am starting all over on this one so we'll so where it goes (if anywhere) I liked him and I liked their relationship, it is just that the rest of the story was all wrong.

Next week's topic: Everyone Loves Me Syndrome 


  1. I think the "Dreams of Death" couple is my favorite. I'm a sucker for those kinds of relationships ;) I think that one has a lot of potential with the plot and becoming more unique. (This means I hope you'll write it and I'll get to read it *grins winningly*) Do you mind if I do a short segment kinda copying your post format? Because this is a really great idea. :))

  2. Yeah me too. :) Thanks! It sounds normal but it was really supernatural the way I was writing it and there was no solution or end point and so yeah. However if you'd like to help me work out a plot I would try re-writing it and letting you read it! (I know I promised to let you read other stuff too but I haven't gotten to write any more! Sorry!) Absolutely! (aka I don't mind. Knock yourself out!) Awww, why thank you darlin'!

  3. My favorite part of this post is that I remember reading about all of these people. DAEMON BLOOD! Gosh. Good times. The story was actually pretty intriguing, except... you know: "I wanted to LITERALLY kill you yesterday, but now I love you, so..." Again, good times. (Also, I can never top that name. You deserve a trophy.) Dreams of Death sounds interesting. That's one I haven't read... (*hint hint*)

    1. Bahaha! Oh I KNOW! *blushes furiously* I am glad you don't hold those past horrors against me and that you don't bring them back up 24/7 to crush my soul. Yeah know...all of it. x) I know right!
      Ugh, yes I suppose. I may have to resurrect it just for you and Skylar. x) In all that spare time I have ya know. As I said in my reply to Skylar, it was good but not very thought out plot wise and I kind of had it going in a weird direction that I don't want it to go in. BUT I may have just thought of a solution, so in my free time I may get that going again. (Maybe if I do NaNo?) See? This is how much I love you girls!
      Also, you never read it because I wasn't even happy with the one page I'd written. Although, I think I at least bounced ideas about it off of you.

    2. Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you could hold many past horrors against me. Also good for you doing NaNo. I've tentatively decided not to embark on that journey this year. Last November, I didn't do homework for a month (I'm that bad.) However, I did win, and that's all that matters (except the novel was horrible, so I also lost.)