Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Swoons!

by Skylar

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This week's topic is: Diversity in Relationships

I got really excited when Skylar came up with the idea to talk about race in relationships, and then it sparked a different idea for me. What about religion in relationships? (We decided on just Diversity so that people could come at it from any angle they'd like.) That's always been something I hear a lot about because I am a Roman Catholic Christian and grow up in a family that is (almost all) super religious. and same with my community. A big "rule" or part of that is that you are supposed marry and date people of the same religion as you.

I understand why. There are lots of good reasons. It makes it so that you can support each other on a faith and spiritual basis, you don't have as many religion or spiritual belief conflicts, if you have kids together you won't have arguments about their religious upbringing, ect. However, I have never ever "discounted" a guy because of his religion. (sorry family) By that I mean that I don't really care what a guys religion is. It's nice if we share the same religion, but as long as he respects my beliefs and we can calmly work out any religion based differences I don't mind him not sharing all my religious beliefs.

So now that we have talked about me, let's connect this to literature. I don't read super religious literature most of the time, but still, religion never really comes up. I'm ok with this, but I think it is interesting that when that message is pushed so hard in reality that it never seems to come up in our most popular novels.

Also, I've never read a book where the culture or race of the two people in the couple has played a significant role, clashed, or even been brought up. That's not a bad thing per say, but I feel like we need more diversity in our modern and popular literature. It is a real and prominent issue in life today and it doesn't get very much recognition in books today (at least the ones I read).

What do you guys think about mixing religions, races and cultures in real life relationships? What diverse relationships have you read and what have you thought about them? Do you feel like we need to address differences in literary relationships and have our characters work out intense and deep differences/disagreements?

Next week's topic is based on: Couples we've Created


  1. Our SOCIETY bans us from inter-religion/FREAKING STATE IN THE SAME COUNTRY/so definitely race/obviously gender/social status/ marriages. We have arranged marriages - your parents do the boy/girl hunting, you can ok/not-ok it, BAM you're married. Even dating is a big no-no.
    Thus we resort to fictional relationships. Where i haven't seen many diversity problems; just forbidden romances. In India, like i said above where this is a huge issue teens keep crying over, there is a ton of such diverse fictional couples. Because the targeted readers can relate.

    1. I can't imagine living in a place like that. I am sorry that you have those values forced upon you. I don't think I could live there, I feel like I would get kicked out of the country or something. I am far to independent, and fierce for all that. I would fight literally everything. On the bright side you can at least ok or not ok it! Everything is is total bullcrap though. (As you can tell I feel strongly about this and am trying to hold it inside.)
      I can imagine! Ah yes, forbidden romances are common. I think that diverse literary couples should be a widespread norm. I can see how that would be a big market there. It surprises me that diverse literary couples haven't inspired more change and rebellion though.
      Thanks tons and tons for bringing this conversation to the next level!

    2. Also, if you have time you should do a post of your own about this! There is still lots of time to link up!

  2. *cries* 5 days isn't long enough. I have exams right now and *maybe* if you push the deadline to next week ... (I know it's late as it is, but still) ;)

    1. I pushed it out as much as I could. It should be open until the 31st now. I am sorry I didn't do that sooner! You can always post later and then just reference this if you'd like. Feel free to join future Sunday Swoons if you'd like! We would LOVE to have you! :D I know how that goes, I wish you the best of luck with exams and all the other things life throws at you!

    2. oh YAY that's more than fine Briana :D I can put up mine before this month's end. I will definitely think about linking up in the future. And thanks :D

  3. It's finally here -