Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The School Year is Coming! The School Year is Coming! (AKA brace yourselves for the impending doom)

Warning: this will contain a bunch of gifs and memes and such.

That llama is me when the mere thought of going back to school for even a day crosses my mind. I seriously think I may just spontaneously keel over dead if I have to endure three more years of not only high school, but going to high school at my school. Freshman year was the worst school year of my life. In all areas, social, academic, everything. I can't do another three years of that. So I am attempting to hold on to hope and remain optimistic that this year will be my year.  A fresh start and all that good stuff. Send me good vibes people, I'll need it.
(Big. BIG, shout out thank you to Skylar from Life of a Random for helping keep me optimistic and for the pending first day email for motivation and pep.) 

Here are some pictures that sum up my feelings about school:

That isn't a good feeling my friends. No one enjoys that feeling. At least in my opinion but that may be my introverted-ness and social awkwardness speaking. 

And this is so much worse:

To me that picture is less the night before and more when you have to try to wake up in the morning EARLY! 
Speaking of waking up early, I auditioned for our symphonic choir and I got in which I am eternally grateful for and excited about but here is the thing. I don't do mornings. I getting up at 9 is early for me, some mornings I get up at 12. Getting out of bed at 6 something in the morning to get to school by 7 something is a serious struggle especially when it is dark and cold out. Now to go to rehearsals for choir which are before school that STARTS, I emphasize STARTS (that means you are in the room and singing your heart out at this time) at 6:50am. That's right I have to wake up then at about six or just before. Not six something. Six. And getting up at six only gives me like a half an hour to get ready. That just doesn't happen. I don't primp or anything, but I wake up then lay around for half an hour or more before i can convince myself to get up. Needless to say, I am very glad that hoodie, jeans, and messy bun look has come back. 

Anyways, back to the real reason for this post. I wanted to let you guys know that from September 3rd on I will have FAR less time to read and to post so things will die down a lot. Sorry, I wish it didn't have to be so, but it is inevitable. Also, in light of the impending and complete monopolization of my time by school, I have decided to drop some features. Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently, I'm not sure yet. Right now the only one I'm dropping is Teaser Tuesday, but more may follow. Also, others may become every other week events or something. 

Thanks for understanding guys! And to all of you who are also starting school soon (high school or otherwise) or who have recently started, I wish you the best of luck, and the least of awkwardness. (or something like that)

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