Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Yup you heard right, I'm going to spill my guts to you guys. Some are about reading, some are about writing, and some are about blogging, while others still are about other bookish things. These are in no particular order, and for no particular reason. 

1. I cant handle used bookstores. I hate them with a passion, I don't want anything there and it all feels so unorganized, not to mention the smell! You won't see me in a used bookstore, ever. Maybe a book store that sells  used books but not a used book store.

2. I remain unimpressed by the smell of books. I don't not like how they spell, although some are nasty, but I just don't get what smells so great about them, why people love the smell so much. 

3. I am terrified to read in places like the bath tub. My wittle book babies might get hurt or fall in and drown!

4. I do dangerous things like read while cooking. It freaks my family out a little bit and I am pretty sure it is because they think I'll burn the house down. To me that's not the dangerous part, the dangerous part is that my baby (book) might get food on it or something.

5. I can't use bookmarks. I used to have to use a bookmark. Now I just flip the pages. However, Max- I loved the bookmark you gave me and have made a point of using it for everything, and I have been enjoying it so maybe the phrase "I can't" is inaccurate. How about I typically don't?

6. Sometimes I skip sections, or even *gasp* whole pages. I really, really try not to do this, but when I am super tired and the writing begins to just drone on and on and on about little details that don't matter, over describing boring things. Well, then I might just let my eyes slip over that part and on to a more exciting part, making sure I don't miss anything of course. 

7. I have been doing a bad job of posting reviews. I am SO infinitely sorry about this one. I don't really have any good excuse, other than I have been pretty behind as far as reading and don't have anything to review. This is something I kick myself for everyday and promise to try to be better at. 

8. Sometimes I really don't want to writer certain reviews. Ugh, there are some books and some times where I would rather do anything other than write a review on it. Some are just really hard to review even ones I liked, but usually the hardest ones to review are the ones that I have no strong feelings about, those obnoxious three star ones that aren't bad and aren't good

9. I procrastinate writing, and sometimes reading, like there is no tomorrow. I am so awful about this. It is utterly despicable. I seriously get board and think of doing those things and then groan and try to find something different to do, even though I really love nothing more than reading and writing once I get started. That is the key, getting started. 

10. I am horribly awkward at author events. I have some struggles with anxiety (minor depending on the situation) and unless I am comfortable with the surroundings and at least a few people that I am very comfortable with the entire thing and interacting with people. If you are my friend I won't shut up, and there are times where I don't know most of the people, but I am very much at ease and just the right amount of chatty. Author events are not one of these times. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Just no. I apologize to all of the people I've encountered at these things. I really have nothing against you, I may even wish to befriend you, but I just can't

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