Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Swoons

Created by Skylar Finn
It's our third (I think this is number 3 maybe four...?) Sunday Swoons since Skylar started co-hosting with me and it has been fab! This weeks topic is as awesomesauce as ever and I can't wait to see what you guys add to it!

If you don't know what Sunday Swoons is, it's a weekly feature where Skylar and I (and anyone who links up) chat about all things swoon worthy every spectacular Sunday!

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This week's topic is: Sarcasm in Couples and Relationships.

I am going to keep it pretty short today. I really just want to share with you guys one of my all time favorite sarcastic couples...Hayley and Finn from The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson. They have one of my favorite relationships ever, partially because they (ok mostly Finn) are my favorite characters ever, but mostly because they both have quite the mouth on them. 

They are both super unique and really fun they are sarcastic and a little bit angst-y, and oh so awkward. Not to mention hilarious with a side of bitterness in Hayley. They took forever to get together because Hayley spent so much time pushing him away with jabs and witty remarks. It was great because Finn was totally unperturbed and undaunted by this he just said snappy things right back. Then by the time they actually became a couple they still said the greatest jokes, criticized the world, and teased each other to no end. It made their relationship fun and seem relaxed, but they weren't like non-stop sarcastic and teasing, they had sweet moments, and serious moments, and were always there to back each other up. 

I think that sarcasm worked well in their relationship, because of who they were. If it had been two different people it could have made the whole thing crash and burn, but since Hayley and Finn have similar personalities and are very sarcastic, they don't offend each other and both find it amusing, also they are both a bit socially uncomfortable, and for a while not entirely ready for a very serious relationship, so their teasing and sarcasm keeps things feeling light, care-free and casual, they use the humor to take some of the uncomfortableness and edge off. 

Generally speaking I think sarcasm works great in relationships, if it is the right people with the right personalities that are in the relationship. Also, a big part of it that Hayley and Finn did a great job with, is realizing when it's not appropriate to be sarcastic or teasing. Jabs and sarcasm should never be a 24/7 thing in a relationship, because there are a lot of times when serious things are happening and people are going through hardships and just need understanding and support not someone poking at their insecurities at a time when they are so vulnerable. 

Long story short, I think sarcasm in relationships has it's place and it's time, and with the right people, it is magical. 

Next week's topic: The Friend Factor in Relationships: How other friends Fiy into the main character's relationships and what affect they can have. 


  1. "Long story short, I think sarcasm in relationships has it's place and it's time" Oh my gosh, I literally said almost the exact same thing to sum up my post. This is SO true.

    And now you've made me want to read The Impossible Knife of Memory ;)

    1. Haha I know I was like I feel like I'm copying but I have nothing better or more to say!

      They are the best part! <3