Friday, August 15, 2014

Sunday Swoons

Designed by Skylar Finn

It's the second Sunday Sunday Swoons since I wrangled Skylar Finn from Life of a Random into co-hosting it with me! I personally think it is going fabulously! If you're new to the party then you're probably wondering what this is all about and hopefully how to join in the fun!

Sunday Swoons is an original weekly feature where we chat about all things bookish and swoon worthy. Each week is a different topic and every time is a different format. Here are the rules!
1. You're welcome to use the button Skylar designed as long as you cite her as the source/give her all the loving credit she deserves!

2. You can post in whatever style you would like: list, discussion, etc. as long as what you are talking about goes with the topic for the week.

3. You either must follow the topic given OR you can do a post on the opposite of the topic we give. (Example: Our topic-- Top 5 Favorite Couples, Your topic-- Top 5 Least Favorite Couples.)

4. Your posts don't have to have anything to do with books you are reading right now. If you reference specific books, they can be past or older reads. (It's nice if you put in the Goodreads link to the book, or another site that will take readers to the book's synopsis, cover, and other information.)

5. Please remember to link back to us in your post, giving us credit for the feature! Also, you can add your link to the link-up tool at either of our posts ( it may only work on mine the first time because we are still working that part out.).

This week's topic is: Things Girls Do To Their Significant Others (That We Hate)

I'm going to talk about two of my least favorite things. Fist one up is...

Expressing Gratitude

This is more of something they don't do. We all love it when guys in books do super sweet things for their girls, but when you think about it no one ever thanks or recognizes them for their actions. Sometimes their girl will think to themselves, "oh wow that's so sweet" or say a similar thing, but do we ever hear them say thank you? Or express the heaping amounts of gratitude that their loving other halves deserve? Not really. Why? I have no idea! In real life you'd probably thank them at least a little bit, if your parents or guardians raised you with any semblance of manners. Is it that hard to just say those two simple words and let him know how you feel about what he's done for you?

"Protecting" them from Yourself

Oh there is nothing worse than those melodramatic books. Especially when the romance is killed by one person in the relationship, either refusing to have a relationship or pushing them away throughout their entire time as a couple. The reason? They are simple protecting their other half from themselves. Come on people! You aren't a weapon of mass destruction! Well maybe you are, but even if you are that is no excuse! (Ok maybe it is reasonable in that case...) If the person really wants to be with you, even knowing what they are getting into then it's their own darn fault if they get hurt! Of course you don't want to see them hurt especially at your own hand, but eventually somehow that is going to happen no matter who you are, because people fight, and people hurt each other, but the amazing thing is that if people care enough, they can also make up and heal, and hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Long story short, you're not a grande. *cough, cough, reference, cough, cough*

Next week's theme is...Sarcasm in Relationships and Couples.

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