Friday, August 8, 2014

Figments Friday

This picture is mine I give permission for participating bloggers to use this image for their posts but ask for credit/ a citation. Also I would like to acknowledge the talented Brooklyn street artist that created this amazing work of art.
Figments Friday is an original feature for writers, wherein they share something about their writing, a character interview, an excerpt, a conversation between a character from one WIP and a character from another WIP, ect.  Feel free to join in!

1. If you use my image please give me credit!

2. You DON'T have to do the same style post as me and can post in what every style you want about whatever you want as long as it has to do with sharing your writing. (Not advice)

3. Please remember to link back to me in your post, giving me credit for the feature and make sure to link up by using the button at the bottom of this post!

Note: I reserve all rights to all of my original work. If you quote or reference any of it I ask that you give me credit. All of these snippets are works in progress and may have typos or need more editing, for the most part they are first drafts

My excerpt today is from my second WIP and you can find background information about it and my other WIP at the bottom of my "About Me" page. 


  1. DUDE.

    This is an amazing piece of writing. :) I can just feel whoever it is freaking out or going crazy over what just happened.

    1. Thanks so much! Im glad it had the impact I wanted! *Dances gleefully and slightly maniacally*

  2. Wow, great snippet!
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award

    Carly @ Books and Etc

    1. Thanks so much! I am accepting but the post won't be up for a few days. Its amazing to have support from great bloggers like you!