Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day and Home Improvements

Happy Father's day to all you father's out there! I'm going to take a moment today to thank my dad and put a bit of a spotlight on him.

Here is the thing about my dad, my dad doesn't really enjoy reading for fun. So I'm sure he was terrified when he figured out that there is pretty much nothing I love more than reading for fun (and in general). I mean really how do you relate to someone so different? What if that's all I wanted/want to do or talk about? He's a really great dad, yeah we definitely have our differences, but he does a really great job putting up with me.

I forced him to read books with me when I was little, we never finished them and he'd always make me read to the both of us before bed when I asked him to read because he was "too tired." I'll never stop giving him grief about that and reading in general.

He also puts up with all my crazy spur of the moment bookish demands. Like putting up these:
Not only did he put them up for me but he cut them to fit my books! Isn't he sweet?

Some of you remember this post, about building a toy box type thing and fill it with books for my nephews and nieces. My dad went right along with it and has been helping me build it.
So yeah, as you can see, my dad is pretty darn awesomesauce.
Happy Father's day Dad!

Anyways! I also wanted to share with you guys my new book set up in my room...
Isn't that the most beautiful corner ever seen? (It's ok if it's not. I won't be offended, but I mean come on, admit it, it's pretty darn stunning.) And, now here's a closer look at the that shelf... (because I can. I'm not forcing you to look at it. You can scroll past it. I'll forgive you.)
I promise I'm not totally self and book centered! I am very appreciative of you guys and I love each and every one of you! I promise I'm not stalking you guys, but I do have a map with pins for every country I have readers in and it sit's proudly on my wall! 

I promise there are pins in British Colombia, UK, USA, Russia and China but they are hard to see. 

That's all for now! I should start posting more now that I have all this time on my hands (sort of), and I hope to introduce some new features relatively soon so keep checking back!


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it! *Squeals* I think I'm in love Catherine! Will you officiate the wedding? Oh no! I don't think they make tuxes and rings in my bookshelf's size! Catherine! What will I do?!

    2. SOLUTION: I will sew your bookshelf an adequate tux and we'll construct a ring out of paper mache and shiny spray paint. Until then, I'll get myself certified over the internet. Also, might I suggest a theme?

      "WE'RE HAVING OURSELVES A MARDI GRAS WEDDIN'!" (I tried to get this picture to show up in the comment but Blogger is telling me the html tag isn't allowed, so.... click it.)

    3. This is why we are best friends...

  2. Put a pin on India and UAE (I still haven't decided which world i belong to)

    1. I put a pin on India just a bit ago! I'll put one on UAE too! ;) Thank you!