Saturday, March 29, 2014

A New Adventure and a Special Guest

Hi guys! It has been far too long and I have really missed y'all! I wish I could use the up coming break from school to blog my little life away, but sadly I won't get the chance. So, to try to make up for my absence I have decided to have my friend Catherine from Stray Imaginations to do a little blog takeover. She'll be posting on my blog and doing some fun stuff with you guys. She's told me a bit about her plans and I am kind of jealous and sad that I'll be missing all the fun! I'll let her surprise you guys though what exactly what she is going to do. So enjoy Catherine blogglings! I know you guys will love her because she is made of lots of awesomesauce! Also, have a great break for those of you who are on a break from school!

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