Sunday, October 27, 2013

Impending NaNoWriMo AKA Doom TIme

My dear writing friends, November is approaching, NaNo is coming. I finally admit it and am very quickly sliding into my total freak out mode. My fellow writing friends have reminded me and pestered me for a very long time about this but all of the sudden it has finally sunk in. I find myself pinning everything NaNo, and creating my own NaNo memes to express my crazed emotions to friends such as this beauty:                                                                    
I know, I have issues, just hush and keep reading. Only the insane attempt this challenge and only special, special people are mentally unstable enough to finish it. I mean a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? Come on! You know you are completely off your rocker when you realize that as a full time student, or as a full time employee, or as a full time parent, or just as a human being, life doesn't exactly pause to let you get those ever so important words in, and yet you are still attempting this. If you are new to this whole concept of balancing say, school with NaNo let me just tell you now. Don't hope for balance it isn't going to happen. Period. Don't argue with me. I have been there. Basically the only way to fit both life and your NaNo baby in is to get creative when it comes to those things that humans need like say eating, or sleeping. Eating is a pretty easy thing to combine with writing. MULTITASK PEOPLE! Sleeping however that is a little trickier. You will soon find that sleep really doesn't happen or else it is extremely lacking. So when the inevitable writers block hits you are so exhausted you just finally loose it and have a good old fashioned meltdown. Your friends and family will ask you if you are ok and you will look a little like this.

But you will recover eventually and push through because you have already spent way too much time and sacrificed far too much to give up now! Soon if any life form that tries to intervene with your NaNo time, they will find their very lives in danger.
And when some important life event or emergency scare interrupts you writing time right when you get on a roll despite your screaming, yelling, and threats, and you loose that grand idea, or train of thought. You look a little something like this.
But as with emotional break downs you will eventually get over it and move on. You blink and BAM! November is over. It is all over! Congrats! You survived! Well sorta... Now weather you completed all 50,000 words or not you feel a lot like this.
Because you are completely exhausted, running on no sleep, all your creative juices are gone and now, now you must return to life. If you did complete the 50,000 you will happy dance and be joyful but still the feeling of just being done will be lurking right along side. Then, no matter however long you wait or don't wait before going back and reading what you have written you have this moment...
But you did it all the same! Yay you! And despite all this trauma there will be amazing moments just enough so that when the next November rolls around you are totally stoked to do it all over again. That is why only the certifiably insane attempt NaNo.

Please do not be frightened by this post. NaNo is actually really great and a ton of fun and it defiantly has a lot of pluses, and there is always a whole community of fellow crazy NaNo-ers to help you along the way so I highly recommend it. Feel free to add me and we can be crazies together! Happy almost NaNo everyone and good luck! And be sure to keep an eye out for that fab Tuesday post of mine!


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    1. Mhm! Indeed however minions do not trump all. ;) I love how yours was so positive and like it is all wonderful and butterflies and rainbows and I was just is death. -_- Then I felt bad so I tried to make up for it at the end a little. x)

    2. It can be wonderful if you let it!