Wednesday, December 31, 2014


by Sarah Daltry

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"I was once the type of person who was impressed by starlight; the type of person who would dance beneath glass ceilings and let the world swim in its loveliness. The sky reminds me of the parties we used to throw - parties like the one last night. The memories bring back the trill of harps and endless ripples of satisfied laughter. Now, though, when I try to recall what I felt, all I hear is screaming."

In a world ravaged by war and oppressive forces of evil, a princess must fight to claim her bloodright and save her people.

When the princess, Alondra, falls for the beautiful, blue eyes of a hooded stranger, it awakens in her a taste for freedom and an escape from her duty.

But her parents have other plans; they have a kingdom to protect and Alondra must marry to ensure the peace between nations. Only what happens when your parents choose a cold-hearted assassin as your betrothed? 

As lies, illusions, and long hidden vendettas surface, the princess has to confront a very secret history. One that makes her realize that she not only risks losing her liberty, but also everything she has known and loved.


-Alondra. As a character she was kind of a juxtaposition. She was originally portrayed one way, but then acted quite the opposite for the rest of the story. 

-The romance. The pacing of the romance made it a bit unbelievable, and everything escalated quickly.

Also, the original situation with the blue eyed stranger felt a bit ridiculous.

-The plot. It was strangely paced. The action got started really early on (which is fine, I like that.), but then it was like it hit this point where all that was happening was action and honestly I got a little bit bored.

-The action. The action got to be a bit excessive and monotonous for my taste.

-The flashbacks. Sections flipped back and forth from "now" and "then" I found it to be unnecessary for the most part and a bit confusing at times.

-The world building. I was really confused a lot of the time and couldn't figure out what the world was supposed to be like or how parts of it worked.


-Alondra. I liked the personality she had for the majority of the time. She was kind but fiery upon occasion. Unfortunately the original portrayal of her was a bit more spoiled brat. 

-Romance. It was cute, if unrealistic. 

Last Thoughts:

Honestly, I was not a fan. It was an interesting concept but it fell short for me.  There was way too much going on and I couldn't find any reason to care about any of it. I give it a weak one star out of five and sadly, wouldn't recommend it. 

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