Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday Swoons

by Skylar!

If you don't know what Sunday Swoons is, it's a weekly feature where Skylar @ Life of a Random and I (and anyone who links up) chat about all things swoon worthy every spectacular Sunday!

1. You're welcome to use the button Skylar designed as long as you cite her as the source/give her all the loving credit she deserves!

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This week's topic is: The Everybody Loves Me Syndrome

You'd think I was going to talk about love triangles with a topic name like that right? Well I'm going to be funky and tackle this one from a different angle. I've mentioned this before in previous Sunday Swoons posts but it is something that has always really bothered me so here we are talking about it again.

I'm talking about that classic best friend (typically a girl) that both goes for all the guys, and gets all the guys (or girls, I said guys because I have seen it most frequently with a girl friend hunting guys). They are fabulous and they know it, They flaunt it, they own it, they work it.

That's all fine and good. I think it is GREAT that they have that confidence! However, sometimes it goes to their head a bit and they get cocky. The worst thing is when they decide that it is impossible for someone to not be interested in them let alone interested in someone else or their best friend. 

How do you guys feel about these confident besties? Are some of them too full of it? Does their ego get in the way sometimes? What characters have you recently read that sound like this? Do you write characters like this?

Next week's topic: HELP! We need you guys to help us come up with some ideas! Pretty please with a cherry on top?


  1. I tagged you for the Chocolate Book Tag!

    Maybe you could do a Sunday Swoons on characters with unusual hobbies?

    1. I am so super sorry I haven't done this yet! (I tried to reply several other times but it isn't showing up sorry! I thought it worked the first time. I wasn't ignoring you!) I am starting it now though!
      Thanks for the idea I'll talk with Skylar about it and get it on the list!