Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Short and Sweet Reviews

Two words, "those prose." Oh my goodness the writing was amazing. Don't get me wrong, it's not for everyone or any piece of writing, but I really loved it. It was touching, emotional, and did a great job of gently advocating and bringing attention to the lack of acceptance and the cruelty that part of our community experiences, without being in your face about why the book is right and you are wrong. It doesn't preach. It just is. 

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Man, if you are looking for spunky and slightly off kilter characters and a unique tale Six Feet Under is Six Feet Under is exactly what you need. Surprisingly heartwarming, funny and emotionally gripping. With its ridiculously odd yet utterly lovable characters and it's surprising relatability it is a highly entertaining read, although it doesn't stick out to me in any other way or as an all time favorite.

Add it on Goodreads and buy it through Liberty Bay Books.


  1. Hey, girl :) I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!:

    1. Aw thanks girl! I have no idea what it is but I am excited to read your post!