Friday, August 22, 2014

Figments Friday

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Figments Friday is an original feature for writers, wherein they share something about their writing, a character interview, an excerpt, a conversation between a character from one WIP and a character from another WIP, ect.  Feel free to join in!

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Today I want to do an interview with Kali and her currently nameless younger sister. K=Kali L=her little sister

Q: Tell us about your sister and how you would describe her.

K: *tugs on the end of braid* She is 14 going on 15 and kind of naive at times. Fashion is definitely her thing along with everything pink, she is pretty much your typical 14/15 year old girl. She is inseparable from her phone and is always talking a thousand miles a minute to one of her group of close friends. She has three really good girlfriends but everyone at school loves her. She has a mouth on her but she probably got that from me, generally she's pretty sweet, and she's definitely a charmer.

L: Kali's generally pretty quiet around people and she doesn't have a lot of friends, or fashion sense. I've tried to help her and give her tips and stuff, but she doesn't listen. She's into all that nature stuff or whatever, but I don't know, that's not my thing, it's too, like dirty, I don't know how to describe it, it's just not my scene. She's very, down to earth I guess, you could say, although she has kind of a temper at times.

Q: How would you describe your relationship?

L: Don't get me wrong Kali's great. I mean she's my big sister so I'm supposed to love her, which I do, but we don't have that like, bond, or whatever, that sisters are supposed to have. We aren't inseparable or anything, but she is always there for me when I need her.

K: It's complicated. We love each other and always have each other's backs, but we also fight a lot. We just don't see eye to eye very often, because we are so different.

Q: Do you ever wish you could change your sister? What would you change?

K: I don't know. Not particularly. She get's on my nerves sometimes but I still love everything about her.

L: My gut reaction would be heck yeah, I'd change a lot. I'd change her wardrobe, make her more comfortable around people. Oh and I'd get her a boyfriend STAT, she needs one. Maybe he'd get her to come out of her shell and stuff. But, really, if I changed all that stuff about her that bothers me then she wouldn't be the same person any more and I kinda love her just the way she is.

Q: What is life like at home?

L: I don't know I feel like it's pretty normal. Mom and Dad take turns cooking and sometimes Kali and I help. I have after school stuff a lot so I'm not home as much during the school year. It's pretty laid back, we don't do like family game nights or any weird bonding thing like that, and Kali likes to kind of do her own thing, so we all kind of do.

K: I guess you could say we are a pretty casual family. My parents are super into independence and "going your own way" so we all do what ever we like doing. We have family meals and sometimes we are all in the room watching a show or a movie, but like I said before most of the time we just do things on our own.


Note: these characters are from my first WIP "The Island Killer" and you can find more information on it at the bottom of my "About Me" page.


  1. I can already guess at their relationship from this ;) Awesome interview!

    And Island Killer is a fabulous name. For reals.

    1. Oh thank goodness! I was hoping that I could show and develop it enough. Thanks so much!

      Thanks, I mostly called it that just so that I could remember which one it was and what it was about haha.