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Crazy Creatures of The blogging World with Clarissa from Books Equal Awesomeness

My irregular and crazy blogger feature is back! This time I'm interviewing Clarissa from Books Equal Awesomeness!

If your new around here here is what's happening, Crazy Creatures of The Blogging World is a feature that I use to spotlight bloggers and get to know them better, as well as let readers get to know them better. I do take nominations, you can email me the name of the nominee, a link to their blog, as well as why you think I should interview them and I'll check it out. (I won't judge if you nominate yourself. It's perfectly acceptable!)

Tell us about you and your blog! How did you start? When? Why? Ect.

I was checking some blogs out and I really loved how some people created their blogs and the features that their blogs had, so I decided a blog of my own! I started my blog around May this year because I really wanted to review and discuss books with other people.

What are your favorite types of books/reads to review?

Most of the books I read and review are young adult, romance, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian.

You’re blog is fairly new. What are your dreams and goals for the future and for your blog?

I hope to make my blog have more followers in the future, and I think having a co-blogger in the future might also be a fun experience!

What is your favorite part of being a blogger and the experience?

I LOVE to be able to discuss books with other people and see different opinions about books.

How would you describe your approach to reviews?

I guess that I would that I would describe my approach to reviews as honest and (hopefully) good and funny.

What draws you to a book and makes you want to read it?

The characters! If I love the characters in a book, I most likely will love the book too!

If you could live in one of your favorite books, what book would you want to live in and why?

 This is a hard one! I have a lot of favorites, but if I had to choose which book I'd live in, I'd be stuck between the Lux series, by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and the Covenant series, also by JLA. In the Lux series, I'd love to meet Daemon, Katy, and all of the other characters! And the idea of living in a world with aliens rally intrigues me! In the Covenant series, I would really like to meet Alex, Aiden, Seth, and all of the other characters! And it has Greek mythology (something I love!), so I think that I would really enjoy living there!

If you could make characters from books real, what characters would you bring to life to recruit as your best friends, family, date to prom, ect?

I would make most characters from my favorite books real! I would make Daemon from Lux, Aiden from the Covenant series, Adrian from Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, Patch from Hush Hush, Lucas from Shadow Falls, and Warner from Shatter Me real and recruit them as my boyfriends!!!! (I know it would be WAY too many boyfriends, but I love them ALL!! :D) I would also make Katy from Lux, Alex and Seth from the Covenant series, Sydney from Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, Vee from Hush Hush, Kylie, Miranda, and Della from Shadow Falls, and Juliette and Kenji from Shatter Me real and recruit them as my best friends!!

If you could have dinner with 12 of your favorite authors (alive or dead) who would you choose to dine and chat with? (why?)

One of the authors I would really like to dine with is J. K. Rowling. I LOVE Harry Potter, so it would be really awesome if I was able to meet her one day. Another author I would also like to dine with is Jennifer L. Armentrout. So far, I've read 2 book series and 1 standalone written by her and I've fallen in love with them, so it will be like my dream come true to meet her!!! The third author I would like to dine with is Richelle Mead. I LOVED Bloodlines, and I just love Sydney and Adrian, so if I met the person that created them, I would be incredibly happy. The fourth author I would like to dine with is C.C.Hunter. I'm in love with her Shadow Falls series and all the characters in the books, so I think it would be really cool if I could meet her in real life! The fifth author I would like to dine with is Becca Fitzpatrick. I really liked Hush, Hush, and I would really like to meet her one day! The sixth author I would like to dine with is Cassandra Clare. I really loved the Mortal Instruments and it would be a honor to meet her! The seventh author I would like to dine with is Rick Riordan. I really liked the Kane Chronicles, Percy Jackson, and the Heroes of Olympus series, so if I ever got to meet him, I think it would be really cool! The eighth author I would like to meet is Stephanie Meyers. I'm not that big of a fan of Twilight, but I thought the books were pretty good and The Host was awesome, so it might be fun to meet the author of it. The ninth author I would like to meet is Cynthia Hand. I recently finished the Unearthly series, and I LOVED them, so if I got to meet her, I would be SOOOO happy!!! The tenth author I would like to meet is Sarah J. Maas. So far, I've only read the Throne of Glass by her, but I really liked it, so if I got to meet her, I would be excited! The eleventh author I would like to meet is Jenny Han. I really like her books, and I thought her Burn for Burn series that she co-wrote with Siobhan Vivian was AMAZING, so if I got to meet her, I would be REALLY happy!!! The twelfth author I would like to meet is Siobhan Vivian. I want to meet her basically for the same reason as Jenny Han!!

What else should readers know about you and/or your blog?

Well…I really don't let me just tell you more about myself. I'm a teenage blogger! ;) In my blog, I review YA and NA books. My favorite genres are contemporary, and paranormal romance! When you first meet me, I might seem a bit shy and quiet, but when you really get to know me…I'm a bit hyper and crazy… ;)

What are five of your favorite blogs/bloggers and why should other readers go check them out?

Olivia Hou @ Fictionally Obsessed
Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books
Carina @ My Addiction: Books
Aly @ Reading Shy with Aly
The Misses @ Fangirling Misses
I think readers should go check them out because they are all kind of new book bloggers, but they are all really good!! :)

You can find Clarissa on Goodreads, and visit her blog or follow her on Bloglovin'!  Thanks Clarissa it was fun!

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