Friday, June 27, 2014

Sunday Swoons

It's Sunday again! Here is the second Sunday Swoons post!  Here is how it works, every Sunday I will discuss, list, rave about, fangirl about, quote, or mention something totally swoon worthy that I've read! Feel free to join in, but please link back and mention me, thanks you guys! (You don't have to use the same topic as me but you're welcome to!) 

This week's swoon topic is: My Top 5 Most Romantic, Romantic Gestures

(Again not in any particular order.)


Daemon and Katy 

I feel awful because I don't remember what book it is in when this happens! Daemon brings Katy Thanksgiving dinner and spends the night with her celebrating since she didn't have anyone to celebrate with. And then he helps her put up the Christmas tree while watching holiday Charlie Brown (the parade wasn't on at the time), because he remembered that she missed doing that with her dad before he passed away! 
Talk about heart melting! *sniffles* 


                                                        Gus and Hazel

That awesome moment (that I totally called! Sorry I'm still working on letting that go...) when
Gus used his wish to take Hazel with him to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. Also, the fact that he told her by taking her to a park and surrounding her with dutch things and orange things because Amsterdam.


Kai and Anna

That time in Sweet Reckoning (*SOBS* The series is over!) when he finally takes her to The Grand Canyon because he wouldn't take her on their first trip together and she had really wanted to go. Part of the cuteness is why he takes finally takes her but I won't discuss that cuz that's REALLY spoilery. 


Rudy and Liesel 

That Kiss! That's all I have to say, I'm too emotionally distraught to continue just from thinking about it.


                                                         Ajax and Sasha 

That time when every piece of clothing she owns is shredded and so he takes her on a shopping spree, pays for everything and just genuinely enjoys being with her, so much that he doesn't even mind that they are shopping. That's just adorable, and a man that takes you shopping, that offers to take you, and he pays and he enjoys  it...marry him. That's all I have to say about that and I don't even like shopping!

What is the most romantic gesture you've ever witnessed or been a part of? What is you top 5 list? What should next Sunday's topic be? 

What makes you go:

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  1. All of these moments sound so sweet. I can't even with The Book Thief. :'( I've only watched the movie. I'm waiting to read the book because one of my friends hasn't watched the movie yet and we want to do both at the same time so we can sob our hearts out at the same time.

    I couldn't come up with moments because my memory is wacky so I didn't link-up this Sunday. Boo. Maybe soon. :)

    1. I know! The Book Thief is one of my all time favorite books ever! I died when I read it. DIED. Company is a wonderful thing when suffering such emotional trauma. I recommend it. Let me just say that as usual the movie didn't measure up to the book. It lost all of the depth and most of the power because it couldn't have all the little flash backs and parts written by Death ect that the book had.

      That's ok! I still think you're awesomesauce! ;)