Thursday, June 19, 2014

Short and Sweet

There are a few books that I never did a full review for, so I'm going to do some more Short and Sweet Reviews! Enjoy!

Dorothy Must Die

by Danielle Paige

This morbid tale of what happened after Dorothy followed that famous yellow brick road is entertaining and
is over flowing with strong characters that at times seem a bit too similar, but are lovable none the less. The plot got a bit messy and irritating towards the end. The ending itself  was a bit odd leaving everything unsolved, but overall the book was fun to read and the writing was good. I give it two and a half or three stars out of five.
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Nearly Gone

by Elle Cosimano

This is a great mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. Sweet romance is woven in and the characters are realistic and fun. The plot was great and the writing solid. It was very entertaining. Three stars out of five.
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by Lydia Kang

This book is a fun thrill ride. The characters are a blast and it is packed with emotion, high stakes, betrayal,
love, and so much more. It is highly entertaining and the end is shocking! It sort of reminded me of Hank from the X-men...I recommend it and give it three or three and a half stars.
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by Ellen Hopkins, Amanda Hocking, Julie Kagawa, Claudia Gray, Rachel Hawkins, Kimberly Derting, Myra McEntire, Malinda Lo, Sarah Rees-Brennan, Jackson Pearce, Christine Johnson, Jeri Smith Ready, Shaun David Hutchinson, Saundra Mitchell, Sonia Gensler, Tessa Gratton, and Jon Skrovon

This collection of stories was a very fun read. Each story was interesting and I didn't really dislike any of them although I did like some better than others. I was expecting them to be creepier or darker than most of them actually were but I loved the book as a whole all the same. My favorites were: Beauty and The Chad, A Real Boy, Beast/Beast, The Raven Princes , Better, and Figment. Over all I give it three stars, and I definitely recommend it for something fun and different! 
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  1. Mini reviews are such a great idea - I should probably start doing posts like this on my blog! I'm intrigued by Dorothy Must Die, but I'm not much of a Wizard of Oz fan. Do you think I should give it a try anyway? I've also heard good things about Nearly Gone, and I'm always up for a mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. Maybe I'll have to add that one to my TBR. :)

    1. I'm glad you like them! They are life savers! You are welcome to use my stuff if you link back or you can create your own. :) Dorothy Must Die is not very oz-y so you may like it. I woyld give it a try and read it with an open mind. It is not my favortie book ever but it is entertaining. Nearly Gone was really good again not my new favortie book of all time but it is really good and a great mystery. I'd recommend it. :) Thanks for reading!