Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Unleashed: A Guide to Maximizing your Career and Enriching your Life.

Unleashed: A Guide to Maximizing your Career and Enriching your Life

by Dan Weedin

A compilation of the greatest hits from business author and executive coach, Dan Weedin and his precocious sidekick, Captain Jack the Pirate Dog. These short yet powerful missives are filled with inspiration, business strategy and personal perspective to help you thrive in your professional career and enrich your life. 

I know this is really nothing like what I usually read or review on here, but Dan is a good friend of my families and he asked me to read his book in return for my honest opinion, so I gave it a shot. I've decided to post my thoughts and review it just like I would any other book, so here it goes. 

When I address the writing I have to look at it a bit differently than I usually would because it is a different type of writing. It is a collection of stories that have been posted on his blog so it isn't written like a fiction novel and he uses persuasive writing instead of plain conversational fluff. He uses basic persuasive techniques like, establishing credibility and sharing personal stories. He does a wonderful job of making each entry thought provoking and surprisingly deep. I would recommend reading it slowly so that you can fully absorb his thoughts, and advice, and get more out of it. The depth of his thoughts and ability to analyze everyday situations do deeply is astounding, and a sadly rare quality in the world today. 

All in all it was quite an interesting and thought provoking book. However, I did have some issues with it. One issue I had was that the majority of the time he offers general advice, telling you what you should do, without offering suggestions on ways to accomplish this. This might just be me, but I was frequently left wanting some examples or specific suggestions. Also, He doesn't always leave room for other opinions or solutions, which is understandable since he is writing in such a way as to persuade you to adopt his opinion, or agree with him, however he doesn't always refute other ways of addressing an issue either, so these other views or solutions are left unacknowledged. These were minor issues however and mostly just my personal taste. 

In the end I would recommend this book to business owners, employees, and people from all walks of life. Dan's humor and ability to always look at the bright side, along the witty and mischievous Captain Jack's entries, will win you over, and their advice isn't half bad either! ;)  Any reader is sure to find some story they can relate to and some piece of advice that will change how they look at life and improve their life and/or career when they apply it.

You can buy it from Liberty Bay Books by clicking here: Unleashed A guide to Maximizing your Career & Enriching your Life!


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  2. Mm, this does sound like an interesting book. Not the kind I'd pick up, though, but it's interesting to hear about. I know how you feel about the not getting specifics. I really get annoyed when I read advice books that tell you WHAT to do but not HOW to do it! Bugs my eyeballs out. Mmmph.

    Btw, dude above ^^ looks a bit spammy.

  3. Yes I felt the same but it was for a friend so I was willing to give it a go.

    And yes I felt similarly. Thank you!