Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Pulse Rant


Well here it is the post you've all been waiting for. Or maybe dreading rants can be annoying I know, but it didn't feel right to call it a review because I am unsure how I feel about the book exactly and don't feel comfortable putting a star amount on it or anything like that so, I am afraid this will be a bit more of a rant. Well, let's get this party started, let all them feels out. I suppose I will kick it off by simply saying I hated  this book. I would never recommend it and if I were to rate it just on how I felt after reading it I would only give it one star. It sounds so simple! I obvious have an opinion. However, I don't have much of a reason. I can't figure out why exactly I disliked it so much! The plot was decent and the story line was original and a very interesting idea. The writing was ok and the characters weren't bad. What's not to like then? I don't know exactly, although I have several things that I can tell you I hated. I guess I'll tackle the big one first. The entire story was one big messy tangle of people in love with each other. It was worse than a triangle. The main character, Faith,  has like three guys after her. One of which is way too young for her (thankfully he backs off eventually and doesn't try too hard for the most part), the other is a jerk who decides he is in love with her after one date, and the third watches her sleep from outside her window! How creepy is that! AND! On top of all that The sister of the jerk is in love with the stalker.
SPOILER: And so she tries to kill Faith just because of this.
MORE SPOILERS: Also, someone (not naming names here) gets hit in the head by a track and field hammer and some how survives but is in like a coma or something in the middle of no where without actual doctors and such and survives transport across a vast distance. Only to be awakened by a kiss freaking sleeping beauty style. And this was the first kiss between the two of them while one of them was unconscious. AND, they don't really have a relationship before this. There are hints that they kind of like each other and they kind of sort of go on a date but nothing really happens until they go all sleeping beauty.
Also, for some incomprehensible reason Patrick felt the need to flat out explain the meaning and symbolism of one of the only symbols in the book that was already very clear! It completely ruined it!
I don't know exactly why but I hated this book. I can't stick a rating on it and I feel rather guilty for not liking it or at least having a strong set of reasons to hate it. I am sorry for the spoilers! I tried to keep them as non-spoiler-y as possible but I had to put them in there because they really bothered me!

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