Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm Back!

Oh my goodness it has been far too long since I have been present in this little mini sector of the blogging world and I feel awful.  Truly,  I feel like I am a horrible person. So I am so so so sorry things fell so far behind! No reviews, no interviews, no news, no dares, nothing! I haven't even been writing or reading on my own! I know there is no way to make up for it so I'm not going to try and I'm not going to make promises or anything I am just going to try to do better and get back up on this blogging horse, train or whatever. To start this off is a dare for y'all. I dare y'all to create your own playlist to a book you are currently reading or to a story you are currently writing and let me know what it is. Also, post a comment with a quote from a book that includes the most fantabulous imagery you have ever read. (I know fantabulous isn't a word but hey we are all allowed to have some word fun right?!)
Now on an entirely different topic here finally is my short story from a weekly dare that I posted. Enjoy, or not it is entirely a personal preference and is totally up to you. I mean we all have our freedoms and opinions, right?


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